It’s obvious that a divorce is the legal definition of the end of a marriage. There are typically two ways to deal with the real estate owned by a couple, either the home is sold and proceeds are split, or one spouse is forced to buy-out the other spouse. Although it is very difficult to keep your emotions out of the selling of your home, but if you can do this it allows you to think clear and make wise choices to in what is usually your biggest asset/investment.

Having a good strategy when selling your home is the best way to go about this. You both need to trust and respect the professional you choose to sell your home. The most important issue is that the professional is completely neutral. The professional Real Estate Broker (I would highly suggest to never use just an agent as brokers have much more training) should be strictly focused on selling the home at the highest price possible, and take the stress off the sellers. It is also a must that the professional understands the emotions and stress of selling the home to be most effective.

My goal when selling a home during a divorce is to always keep my clients interest first by providing the highest level of service and communication through the entire process. This is not a job to me, I love this business and it shows through my work, marketing and negotiation skills, this business is my passion!